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The animation process of every project we work on is different, however they all have the same underlying animation process in place.
If you’re new to animation and motion graphics the Cub Studio 7 Steps To Animation video will give you a quick overview of our methodology in ensuring you get a video that surpasses your goals!
You can see the animated GIFs that went in to creating the animation process guide in our 7 Steps to Animation blog post


The 7 Steps to Animation Process

Step 1 – Briefing
We listen to your objectives and goals to understand the story you wish to convey along with your target audience, deadline and budget requirements. Key elements of this information feed in to your script, treatment and style frames.
Step 2 – Scripting
Whether you are adept at writing your own script or require our help and collaboration to form your story, you’ll always have the opportunity to steer, amend and finally sign off your script. This is the first major sign off point of the project as only once the script is signed off will we move ahead with the voice over recording.
Step 3 – Style Frames & Treatment
Working in accordance with your brand guidelines and from our brief we create a number of key frames so you can see exactly how the video will look – these are not just sketched story board frames. At this time we’ll also create a written treatment, this sits inline with the script and describes what we’ll animate in time with the voice over. We believe this will give you the best understanding of how the animation will look and what it will include. This marks the 2nd sign off point of the animation project.
Step 4 – Voice Over
We can help you find the ideal voice to match your brand and budget – if you already have your own voice over artist or would like to promote an organic approach and record your ceo/md we’re happy to accommodate this. All we ask is that you don’t record this on your iphone!
Step 5 – Animation
With the script, style frames and VO signed off it’s time to start animating. Animation is not a quick process and this step may take several weeks to complete, depending on the length of the voice over. This is why it’s essential we collaborate and sign off the previous sets.
Step 6 – Audio Mix
Any relevant spot (sound) effects are now added, huffs and puffs from the voice over removed and the pre determined music track mixed in.
Step 7 – Sign Off
The animated video is exported based on your technical requirements and delivered to you! We can now relax and have a cup of tea!